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Guselkumab shows highest drug survival among systemic treatments

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Dr Zenas Yiu, University of Manchester, UK
PFGC 2021
In a comparison of 5 commonly used systemic treatments for psoriasis, guselkumab demonstrated the highest drug survival and adalimumab the lowest in a prospective cohort study from the BADBIR. If the drug was discontinued due to ineffectiveness of treatment, drug survival was also affected by prior lines of biologic therapy. “Drug survival essentially measures the time between starting and stopping a treatment and that serves as a proxy marker for a treatment’s effect,” Dr Zenas Yiu (University of Manchester, UK) explained [1]. He pointed out that real-world evidence on drug survival is still inconsistent and previous study results have been limited by a lack of data on discontinuation reasons or previous biologic therapies. To gain more insight, a prospective cohort study was conducted using data between 2007 and 2021 from the longitudinal, pharmacovigilance registry on patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis: the British Association of Dermatol...

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