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Letter from the Editor

Prof. Peter C.M. van de Kerkhof, Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands
PFGC 2021
Dear Colleague, Psoriasis from Gene to Clinic is a congress for Dermatologists with a special interest in psoriasis, which is organised once every 3 years. For the meeting in December 2021, the expectation was an in-person congress. For dermatologists from outside the UK, travelling to London was a challenge, which resulted in a hybrid congress with life communications in the UK and virtual presentations and audience in the rest of the world. Also, this congress of psoriasis from gene to clinic brought innovations in discussion. Psoriasis is a showcase of translational medicine with pathogenesis-based treatments and biomarkers in development. New information was reported on genetic markers and their relevance to the treatment of psoriasis. The inf...

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