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Modified 2-stage ileal pouch-anal anastomosis versus 3-stage alternative

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Dr Stefan Holubar, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, OH, USA
ECCO 2022
Similar long-term outcomes were reported for participants who received modified 2-stage or 3-stage ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA). However, the modified 2-stage approach should only be performed by experienced surgeons at high-volume centres and in a select group of patients. Long-term outcomes of modified 2-stage IPAA have not yet been evaluated, according to Dr Stefan Holubar (Cleveland Clinic Foundation, OH, USA) [1]. The modified 2-stage approach is defined as completion proctectomy without loop ileostomy, whereas the 3-stage approach includes completion proctectomy with loop ileostomy. For this study, 223 participants from the Adult Pouch Registry who underwent modified 2-stage IPAA between 1983 and 2019 were matched with 223 participants who underwent 3-stage IPAA. The primary outcome was pouch survival, defined by permanent diversion, pouch excision, and conversion to a Kock pouch. Long-term pouch survival outcomes were similar between p...

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