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No improvements of remission with etrolizumab in ulcerative colitis

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Prof. Séverine Vermeire, University of Leuven, Belgium
UEGW 2020
Phase 3, LAUREL
Etrolizumab, an anti-β7 monoclonal antibody, inhibits both trafficking of immune cells into the gut and their inflammatory effects on the gut lining. Results from the LAUREL trial showed that despite nominally significant benefits with etrolizumab compared with placebo in endoscopic improvement, endoscopic remission, and histologic remission at week 62 among week 10-responders was not met in a cohort of TNF-naïve ulcerative colitis patients [1]. The phase 3 LAUREL trial evaluated the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of etrolizumab in 359 patients with moderately- to severely-active ulcerative colitis who were naïve to TNF antagonists. In the induction phase, patients received subcutaneous, open-label etrolizumab. The induction phase to week 10 was completed by 347 participants, of whom 214 clinical responders were randomly assigned at week 12 to et...

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