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Letter from the Editor

Prof. Gert Ossenkoppele, VU University Medical Center, the Netherlands
ASH 2019
Dear Reader, It is my pleasure to introduce this peer-reviewed ASH 2019 Medicom Conference Report. We have selected a number of interesting abstracts from this years’ ASH meeting that will probably change your practice now or in the near future. The abstracts are summarised in a way that the information is easy to digest in a rather short time. This year, we saw a further increase in papers on immunotherapy including bispecific antibody and CAR T-cell treatment applied in a variety of haematological malignancies. Also, gene therapy is now rapidly moving from bench to bedside. Especially interesting developments in sickle cell and other haemoglobinopathies are emerging. AML treatment, which has seen no new developments for a long time, is now rapidly changing with the development of new effective targeted treatments and by successfully applying maintenance treatment with epigenetic agents. You will find snapshots of all these new developments in this report. I am sur...

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