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Interventions in JAK/STAT signalling pathway

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Dr Srdan Verstovsek, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA
ASH 2020
Momelotinib is a potent inhibitor of JAK1, JAK2, and activine A-receptor type I (ACVR1), with clinical activity against each of the 3 hallmark features of myelofibrosis: anaemia, constitutional symptoms, and splenomegaly. Its clinical activity was observed in 2 previously conducted phase 3 trials across the continuum of intermediate-/high-risk myelofibrosis patients, either JAK inhibitor-naïve (SIMPLIFY-1) or previously JAK inhibitor-treated (SIMPLIFY-2). Updated overall survival (OS) data were presented. Dysregulation of JAK/STAT signalling is central to the pathogenesis of myelofibrosis. “Currently approved JAK inhibitors (ruxolitinib and fedratinib) are intrinsically myelosuppressive,” Dr Srdan Verstovsek (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA) stated. “OS following JAK inhibitor discontinuation is short, indicating a substantial unmet medical need for safe and efficacious treatments in myelofibrosis patients previously treated with ruxolitinib.”

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