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Novel, orally available inhibitor of BCL-XL/BCL-2

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Dr Naveen Pemmaraju, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA
ASH 2020
Patients being treated with first-line JAK inhibitor monotherapy often relapse [1]. Dr Naveen Pemmaraju (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA) presented promising data of an ongoing phase 2 study evaluating navitoclax, a novel, orally available inhibitor of primarily BCL-XL and BCL-2, which are anti-apoptotic members of the BCL-2 family. Myelofibrosis is primarily driven by constitutive activation of the JAK/STAT signalling pathway. This results in increased transcription of growth factors, inflammatory cytokines, and anti-apoptotic proteins such as BCL-XL [2]. Patients with myelofibrosis who have high-molecular-risk mutations, such as those in ASXL1, SRSF2, EZH2, U2AF1, and IDH1/2, at diagnosis will have shorter overall survival (OS) and increased risk of leukaemic transformation [3]. However, there are limited therapeutic options for patients with myelofibrosis who lose response to ruxol...

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