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Fitusiran meets primary endpoint in ATLAS-A/B trial

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Dr Alok Srivastava, Christian Medical College Vellore, India
ASH 2021
Phase 3, ATLAS-A/B
Fitusiran prophylactic therapy reduced the annual bleeding rate in patients with severe haemophilia A or B without inhibitors in a phase 3 trial. An increase in quality of life was associated with fitusiran therapy. Moreover, fitusiran offers a reduced treatment burden compared with factor replacement therapy [1]. “Approximately 70% of patients with haemophilia do not have access to factor replacement therapy,” said Dr Alok Srivastava (Christian Medical College Vellore, India). “In addition, this treatment needs to be administered intravenously, multiple times per week, placing a heavy treatment burden on our patients. New therapeutic options are needed to reduce bleeding and treatment burden, and increase the quality of life for patients with haemophilia.” The phase 3 ATLAS-A/B trial (NCT03417245) included 120 patients with severe haemophil...

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