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Promising frontline triplet regimen for TP53-mutated AML

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Dr Naval Daver, MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA
ASH 2021
Phase 1/2
A triplet combination of 5-azacitidine, venetoclax, and magrolimab displayed promising response rates in newly diagnosed older, unfit, or TP53-mutated patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Moreover, the phase 1b/2 study showed a favourable safety profile of this regimen. Phase 3 trials investigating this triplet combination are ongoing [1]. “Older or unfit patients with AML treated with 5-azacitidine plus venetoclax show overall survival (OS) rates of 40% after 2 years,” said Dr Naval Daver (MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA). “Moreover, patients with TP53-mutated AML treated with hypomethylating agents (HMA) plus venetoclax as first-line therapy display median OS rates of only 5–7 months. Therefore, there is an obvious unmet need in these patients,” Dr Daver argued. The current phase 1/2 trial included 48 patients divided over 3 cohorts: Cohort 1: frontline therapy for older (≥75 years), unfit, or TP53-mutat...

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