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Targeting senescent cells to treat age-related diseases

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Dr Miranda Orr, Wake Forest School of Medicine, NC, USA
AAN 2022
Phase 2, StoMP-AD
How to target ageing? It might be done by clearing the brain of senescent cells. Senolytics, including the combination of dasatinib plus quercetin, are therapeutic agents that can induce the death of senescent cells. The phase 2 StoMP-AD trial is now enrolling participants to investigate this hypothesis in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Dr Miranda Orr’s (Wake Forest School of Medicine, NC, USA) research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of AD and the effects of tau accumulation on cellular senescence and the risk of chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Decades prior to clinical symptoms of AD, changes already occur in the brain. Understanding these fundamental processes could lead to them being targeted, potentially slowing down the process of ageing in the entire organism, which is the greatest risk factor for developin...

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