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Alemtuzumab efficacy and safety data of over 9 years

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Dr T. Ziemssen, Dr J. Jones, Prof. P. Vermersch
EAN 2020
Phase 3, CARE-MS
Alemtuzumab improved outcomes versus subcutaneous interferon (SC IFN)β-1a over 2 years in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with highly active disease from CARE-MS and extension studies. Efficacy was maintained up to 9 years [1]. Safety data of alemtuzumab was also presented, notably acute adverse events (AEs) during infusion and in the days following, as well as AEs occurring after lymphocyte repopulation. Alemtuzumab efficacy and safety over 9 years were reported in patients that were previously treated with disease-modifying treatment and with highly active disease at baseline of the core CARE-MS I/II trials. In the first 2 years, annualised relapse rate was decreased with alemtuzumab versus SC IFNβ-1a and remained low in years 3-9 (0.16, 0.17, and 0.25, respectively, according to definition). Through year 9, 49%-59% o...

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