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EAN 2020 Highlights Podcast

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Dr Rachel Giles, Medicom
EAN 2020
  Long-term safety of ND0612 in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease Isaacson S, et al. Abstract P17.004. AAN/EAN 2020. Reassuring real-world safety profile of 3 CGRP inhibitors Silberstein SD, et al. Abstract S58.008. AAN 2020. Long-term cardiovascular safety of erenumab in migraine patients Tepper SJ, et al. Abstract O1016. EAN 2020. Extubation after thrombectomy: the sooner, the better Fandler-Höfler S, et al. Abstract O3036. EAN 2020. Serum NfL predicts long-term clinical outcomes in MS Thebault S, et al. Abstract S10.008. AAN/EAN 2020. Neurological manifestations of COVID-19 in Europe Moro E. SPS14. EAN 2020.

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