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Factors associated with decreased migraine attack risk

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Prof. Christian Wöber, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
EAN 2021
In two-thirds of individuals with migraine, at least one factor associated with decreased risk of a migraine attack could be identified using prospective daily data. Most common protectors included feeling refreshed after waking, happiness, and good sleep quality. Although highly individualised, these behavioural factors are relevant in diminishing migraine attack risk. For the management of migraine, potential protective factors may be equally important as trigger factors, but have been widely ignored. A study set up by Prof. Christian Wöber (Medical University of Vienna, Austria) and colleagues aimed to identify factors associated with decreased migraine attack risk in patients with migraine [1]. A total of 866 individuals with migraine registered to use N1-Headache®, a mobile app that connects patients to their clinicians and is specifically designed to identify migraine risk factors. Median age of participants was 43 years; 88% were w...

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