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Minimally invasive device to detect focal seizure activity

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Prof. Mark Cook, University of Melbourne, Australia
EAN 2021
A minimally invasive sub-scalp device (Minder® system) can capture continuous EEG data and detect focal seizure activity. This monitoring system captured all seizure events identified during the video-EEG period. Devices implanted beneath the scalp may be of considerable clinical utility in forecasting seizures. Prof. Mark Cook (University of Melbourne, Australia) stated there is a clear need for a long-term recording system in patients with epilepsy. “These patients are often unaware of their seizures, which may both complicate diagnosis and optimisation of treatment.” Potentially, it could be used for safety alerts and seizure forecasting. They could have a role in clinical trials as well. So far, such systems have been relatively invasive. Ideally, the device would be inserted as a day procedure and involve an unobtrusive external unit such as a smartphone to store and process data. Prof. Cook's group develop...

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