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Fampridine treatment results in routine clinical practice

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Dr Giovanni Castelnovo, Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Nîmes, France
EAN 2020
Long-term treatment with prolonged-release fampridine (PR-FAM) in the LIBERATE study showed clinical benefits consistent with those previously reported [1]. No new safety signals were identified in this real-world study, suggesting that routine risk minimisation measures were effective. PR-FAM 10 mg twice-daily is indicated for the improvement of walking in adult multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with walking disability (Expanded Disability Status Scale [EDSS] 4-7). The observational LIBERATE study recruited patients newly prescribed PR-FAM at 201 sites in 13 countries. MS Impact Scale-29 (MSIS-29) physical impact score improved significantly for patients on-treatment for 12 months versus those who discontinued (mean change from baseline to 12 months: 9.99 vs -0.34 points; P<0.001). Results were similar for MSIS...

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