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Letter from the Editors

Dr Erlinda Maria Gordon, Dr Sant P. Chawla
ASCO 2019
“Caring for every cancer patient & learning from every cancer patient” — a far-reaching theme of the 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting — inspires both clinical oncologists and physician/scientists to value the importance of each cancer patient encounter. While Phase 3 clinical trials are vital to the evidence-based FDA-approval process, it is the oncologist at the bedside who makes the ultimate decisions on how, and with precisely what drugs, an individual patient will be treated. Thus, contemporary oncologists assume responsibilities for continuing education and clinical research in this Age of Precision Medicine and Tumour-Targeted Cancer Gene Therapy. The ASCO annual meetings are valuable in this regard; for it is within these topical meetings that medical oncologists gather from around the world to share clinical experiences, exchange clinical insights, and introduce innovative therapies. In such networking, medical and scientific visions are broadly shared and u...

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