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Adjuvant everolimus may benefit high-risk RCC

Dr Christopher W. Ryan, Oregon Health & Science University, OR, USA
ASCO 2022
Phase 3, EVEREST
In patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC), adjuvant everolimus after nephrectomy did not provide a statistically significant benefit over placebo in terms of recurrence-free survival (RFS). However, the observed numerical benefit, especially in the very high-risk subgroup of patients, warrants further investigation into the role that everolimus may play in the adjuvant treatment of patients with RCC after nephrectomy. “Approximately one-third of the patients with RCC relapses after nephrectomy,” explained Dr Christopher W. Ryan (Oregon Health & Science University, OR, USA) [1]. Since 2006, a new generation of adjuvant trials has emerged to improve the standard-of-care for these patients, which was ‘surveillance alone’. Everolimus is a mTOR inhibitor, approved for the treatment of metastatic RCC [2]. The phase 3 EVEREST trial (NCT01120249) randomised patients ...

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