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Impact of COVID-19 on screening for colorectal cancer

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Dr John Carethers, University of Michigan, MI, USA
ASCO GI 2022
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the screening and surveillance of colorectal cancer (CRC) was discussed during a breakout session called “Endoscopic Screening and Surveillance in Colorectal Cancer—What's New?” [1]. Dr John Carethers (University of Michigan, MI, USA) said that there are 9 or more options for CRC screening but that colonoscopy is the only available option for surveillance. “Colonoscopy is the dominant strategy for CRC screening in the USA and patients need to visit their healthcare facility to get this procedure done.” The COVID-19 pandemic is associated with a significant reduction in cancer care, especially when it comes to performed breast cancer screenings and CRC screenings, which dropped with 89.2% and 84.5% in April 2020, respectively. “The estimated increase of cancer deaths due to the screening shutdown is approximately 1,000 individuals per year if the screening trajectory recovers within 6–12 months. However, this nu...

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