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Letter from the Editor

Dr Stefan Rauh, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Luxembourg
ASCO 2020
Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to introduce Medicom’s current ASCO 2020 conference report. This could have been a yearly routine – but as everywhere in our private and professional life, COVID has changed it all! No live meeting this year – confinement obliges... Instead a huge virtual meeting with a record number of attendees. And, along with some remarkable study results in the treatment of solid tumors, this was the first major oncology conference to present results from the oncology community concerning management of our “high-risk” patients during times of the pandemic. Reassuringly, and with little surprise, mortality in cancer patients seems to correlate with advanced cancer stage, poor performance status and higher age… To my mind, the general picture hasn’t become all that clearer, as “high-risk subgroups” are not necessarily the same according to different studies and results are still often based on retr...

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