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Screening with ADHD Self-Report accurate in girls

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Dr Águeda Fernández-Quintana, University of Uppsala, Sweden
ECNP 2020
The ADHD Self-Report for Adolescents (ASRS-A) could be used as a screening tool in speciality treatment settings and seems to give better psychometric properties in girls than in boys. The screening cut-off correctly identified over 80% of girls with attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The diagnostic cut-off increased the probability of an ADHD diagnosis with over 40 percentage points [1]. Although ADHD is more prevalent in boys than in girls, both sexes experience similar negative consequences of this condition [2,3]. Nonetheless, most studies have been performed in boys [4]. Early diagnosis is crucial and suitable screening and diagnostic tools to identify affected girls are therefore much needed [5]. Dr Águeda Fernández-Quintana (University of Uppsala, Sweden) presented the results of a study that aimed 1) to establish adequate clinical cut-off points of the ASRS-A total score for the detection and identification of ADHD in girls who w...

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