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Subgroups in alcohol use disorder based on externalising symptoms

Principal Investigator
Dr Bernadett Gál, University of Szeged, Hungary
ECNP 2020
Externalising personality and psychopathological features such as impulsivity, novelty seeking, and aggression have a group-forming effect when it comes to patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Based on the level of externalising symptoms, 3 groups with differing levels of externalisation symptoms can be identified, which can have implications for treatment decisions [1]. Researchers led by Dr Bernadett Gál (University of Szeged, Hungary) aimed to investigate whether externalising symptomatic traits have a clustering effect in a group of patients with chronic AUD. They also analysed demographic, addiction-related, and internalising symptoms in the subgroups. In a sample of 102 patients with AUD, subgroups were formed based on anger, physical and verbal aggression, hostility, novelty seeking, cognitive and behavioural impulsivity, and impatient restlessness. Patients were eligible if they had an established DSM-5 diagnosis of AUD, finished at lea...

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