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COVID-19 App: The Dutch experience

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Prof. Niels Chavannes, Leiden University, the Netherlands
ERS 2020
The Leiden University Medical Center developed an app to help track the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands. The app is widely used and appears to be a useful tool to monitor local outbreaks as well as behavioural changes [1]. “In the Netherlands, there was a large emphasis on personal responsibility in dealing with the COVID pandemic,” said Prof. Niels Chavannes (Leiden University, the Netherlands). “We were really astonished about the 200.000 downloads. This is really a lot for a small country like the Netherlands.” The COVID Radar app was launched in April 2020 with the aim to evaluate symptom load and behavioural aspects on a group level. Everybody was able to sign up, and the app was mostly downloaded in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the two cities where most COVID-19 cases were identified. Besides symptoms and social distancing behaviour, the app also monitored the effect of easing the restrictions. In the app, people were asked to report their s...

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