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Singing training effective as physical rehabilitation in COPD

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Prof. Uffe Bødtger, Nætved Hospital, Denmark
ERS 2020
  Comparing classic pulmonary rehabilitation with a singing-based training, a Danish study found non-inferiority of the singing method to improve physical capacity in COPD patients [1]. “As you all know, pulmonary rehabilitation is a cornerstone in COPD care and has an immense impact on subjective and objective aspects of living with COPD,” said Prof. Uffe Bødtger (Nætved Hospital, Denmark). Unfortunately, adherence to pulmonary rehabilitation can be quite a problem, which is why there is a need for alternative options [2,3]. “Within the last 20 years or so, lung choirs or singing training for patients with respiratory diseases including COPD has shown to improve respiratory control, dyspnoea levels, and self-perceived physical health, but the impact on physical capacity is unknown,” Prof. Bødtger explained the motivation for this multicentre, randomised-controlled

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